4 stylish ways to wear a hoodie

Hoodies are casual and laid back and there is no way you can style a hoodie under a sports jacket like a sweatshirt. But who said you cannot style a hoodie in different ways at all? There are degrees to styling hoodies according to occasions. For example, a sloppy, slightly out sized faded with a chic 3D print is perfect to pop into the pub on a Sunday while a dark, trim-fitted, and sleek hoodie is best to attend an evening party.

We don’t recommend you to start wearing a hoodie over a dress shirt or with dress pants but at least there is a scope for a hoodie to step towards a respectable sheen but no matter what hoodies are the best thing for feeling wrapped in. As we are stepping in the colder days, it's important to have some chic and classic 3D printed hoodies on hand.

Different ways you can style a hoodie

Hoodies are casually paired with jeans or combined for a layered look. Almost all hoodies have a zip, a seasonal color, or even a print. With the countless variations of hoodies available, Plain black, navy, or grey hoodies are the most timeless hoodie options and can be paired with an infinite number of outfits.

Apart from Plain one-color hoodies,  3D printed hoodies are the latest in-trend hoodie style that suits everyone. However, they should be chosen according to the taste and age of a person so that the elegance isn’t compromised. Here we have summarized the 4 best ways you can style a hoodie:

1.     Hoodie / Denim

Achieve a look that’s casual yet cool at the same time, Pair your hoodie with a denim jacket. Although you will have many types of denim jackets for the outfit,  A blue denim jacket stands out extremely well when paired with a plain or lightly printed Hoodie for a stylish casual look. Give your outfit a stylish finishing with some skinny jeans and some stylish checkered sneakers.

2.      Hoodie/bomber jacket

The laid-back combination of a bomber jacket and a hoodie is exceptionally easy to throw together without even batting an eye, helping you look dapper and styled for anything without investing too much energy going through your closet. Go outside of what might be expected and shake up your look with a couple of black leather work boots. This blend of a bomber jacket and a hoodie is too easy to do hence comfortable to work too! Give an easy-going vibe by pairing your a hoodie and bomber jacket outfit by polishing off with multi-shaded athletic shoes.

3.      Hoodie/coat

The hoodies paired with a coat outfit is entirely an American fashion thing due to the hoodie itself, which has become a go-to garb in America. The favorite go-to outfit of jocks and geeks alike, the hooded sweatshirt is somewhat of a chimera. It's also a clever route into a highbrow/lowbrow style. With regards to remaining warm while looking polished, a coat is a brilliant decision. It's a style that most gentlemen have in their closets. While numerous men realize how to wear their jackets for formal events, relatively few know how to make it work for casual looks.  Pairing a darker and trim-fitted hoodie with an overcoat spruces up a collegiate look. The hoodie adds some edge. Anchor the outfit with dim jeans, and you have a layered outfit that is ideal for fall.

4.      Hoodie/leather

 Hoodies are a staple in everybody's closet. Even some of our most favorite punk rockstars are often seeing rocking a hoodie/lather look. For a boss edge, keep your outfit decisions straightforward. Combine a black or dim pullover hoodie with a leather jacket for a smooth, punky look. Throw on a pair of black wash biker jeans and black boots to finish your outfit. The sense that something's absent? Snap-on some reflected aviators for an exemplary bad-boy feel.

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