10 Hoodies To Include In Your Wardrobe This Year

It becomes almost impossible to find a replacement, especially when it comes to hoodies. The sensation that the clothing has created is irreplaceable and we don’t doubt why. The colourful history of a hoodie is something that no one can deny, whether you want to dress casually while protecting yourself from the hearth winter season or you want to go all loud, hoodies have now become an ultimate winter necessity for all the fashion fanatics out there. 

With the passing centuries, clothing has undergone a lot of changes and modifications and started coming into the limelight when fashion models started walking on the red carpet wearing cosy yet stylish hoodies. Be it sportswear or college style, it is now a major part of our lives, and well, not to forget the wardrobes. 

Currently, the hoodies are enjoying the leverage of acceptance in this golden era. Just like casual and cool denim jeans and EDM that excites the majority of our youth crowds, hoodies have been calming the nervousness of people by making them pair a cool sweatshirt with denim jeans and a funny pack to give off a sporty look. 

Fashion influencers have started trying out new ways to pair a hoodie with something to crank the game up a notch, we don’t think we need to tell how important it has become for all of us. Imagine going on a brunch date with your friends during the winter months, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Hoodie, isn’t it? From quirky pale hoodies for those who like to keep it simple to flashy colourful ones to all our colour lovers, we can’t tell about other things but hoodies would never disappoint you for sure. 

So if you’re a hoodie lover, we have something for you, make sure to go through the article and choose out the best one for you according to your likings.

  1. Esoteric Hoodie 



If you’re someone who loves black colour as much as we do, there’s not even one reason why you shouldn’t grab this hoodie right away. This soft hoodie is crafted from 50 per cent skin-friendly cotton and 50 per cent warm polyester to protect you from the chilly winds, the smooth texture of the clothing feels like features on the skin.  

The cool design as well as the black and white contrast makes this hoodie a lot more adorable than it is. The double-lined hood comes with a matching drawcord and has a front pocket pouch to make your hands warm and safely carry your stuff. 

  1. Famous Vintage Japanese Fine Art: Great Wave Stylish Design Pullover Hoodie


At the end of the day, what matters more than maintaining your style statement while wearing something warm and comfy? Nothing, isn’t it? Well, if that’s the case then you must grab this amazing black hoodie with a seashore imprinted design on the front. 

Crafted with cotton and polyester, the hoodie is skin-friendly and gives a tepid feeling while wearing. What makes this hoodie special is that it comes in numerous colours to choose from, there’s a super cool front pouch which makes it an instant pick. 

  1. Panda Hoodie 


The Instagram trend of stealing hoodies and posting pictures online is now more than ever, if you’re tired of sharing your hoodies with your girl, gift this cutie hoodie with an attractive panda imprint on the front which draws all the attention to it in a jiff. 

The smooth and soft hoodie is available in various sizes and is designed from skin friendly cotton and polyester. There’s a cap that protects you from the harsh cool winds while giving off a completely cool vibe. 

  1. Joker Print Paint Hoodie 

Calling out to all the DC fans, we have something that might provoke your interest. And as soon as we thought that the ideas of hoodies can’t go any more creative, we came across this Joker themed hoodie as an absolute form of art. 

The quirky and playful hoodie comes in a wide array of colours and sizes for you to choose from while the front pocket pouch just perks it up to another level. Crafted from cotton and polyester, the hoodie is light in weight and feels soft on the skin. 

  1. Goku Printed Hoodie

Accept it or not, we can never be too old to wear our favourite cartoon character imprinted hoodie. The black hoodie has a super cool Goku impression with a smokey yellow side colour which makes it an ideal pick for everyone out there. 

The hoodie is quite long and comfortable for an ideal winter evening or Autumn and spring. The front pouch makes it a complete steal while the huge variety in size respects all the body shapes out there by calling out a loud little something for everyone. 

  1. Goku & Nimbus Printed Hoodie

We can never get enough when it comes to our favourite cartoon, one design is never enough which is why we are here with yet another jaw-dropping hoodie with Goku and Nimbus print. The white coloured hoodie has a contrast design imprinted which makes it appealing. The fine details and the budget of this hoodie make it an instant pick for all the fashion lovers out there. 

Designed from cotton and polyester, the hoodie is extremely skin friendly and would not cause any harm. Ideal for winters, autumn and spring to save yourself from the harsh winds blowing by. There’s a double needle stitching throughout the hoodie and a cool front pouch to store some stuff or make your palms tepid by tucking them into the pouch. 

  1. 3D Skull & Flower printed Hoodie

If you are only wearing what everyone else is wearing, you’re doing it wrong. This funky hoodie has a skull and flowers imprinted with alluring colours dripping down from the top of the hoodie, the two huge front pouch pockets will allow you to save your palms from getting cold while the cap at the top will create a tepid shield around your head. The Double-lined hood is available in a  matching drawcord and the waistband has a spandex lining to eradicate any possibility of you getting cold.  

  1. Japanese Tree Print Paint Hoodie

Someone once said it ‘art has the power to bring all the eyes to it’ and we can completely agree with it after coming through this mind-blowing hoodie with a rare form of art canvased all over it. Carrying a huge significance, this hoodie is not only good looking but is also considered to be a sign of good luck due to the presence of the beautiful Japanese Tree on it. 

Crafted from cotton and polyester, the hoodie feels like a huge feather ball on your skin, giving you all the warmth and safety that you need on a cool winter night while emitting a really cool and dapper look, catching all the eyes in the room on you. The hoodie is deep, it’s beyond beautiful, you’ll just want to keep looking at it but can never get enough of it. 

  1. Angel in Fire Hoodie 

And as soon as you were thinking you’ve seen enough collection, there’s something better to surprise you to the core. This hoodie with the design of a fearless angel burning in fire is a significant example of that. The design is so pretty that it is bound to dazzle even the most high quality fashion fanatics, the fine details and the touch makes it different from every basic hoodie that can be found. 

Designed from Crimson quirky orange fire colour over a Matt black background, the hoodie is not only good looking but also assures warmth when worn. Crafted with cotton and polyester, there are no chances of any skin irritation and the front pouch just cranks the dressing game up a notch overall. 

  1. Ying-Yang Cats Hoodie

We all have two sides to ourselves, and there’s nothing better than this hoodie to depict that. Personally, one of our favourites, this hoodie has taken all it takes to master the game of fine design. One side of the hoodie has a shady look of a white cat while the other side has a black cat with mysterious sea green eyes. The features of the cats are so detailed and fine that it almost looks surreal. 

The downside inverted design helps in catching the attention of the viewers. The hoodie is huge and serves multiple purposes, meaning you can wear it in a college event, a house party or well, something as usual as your regular yoga or pilates classes. There’s a front pouch that makes the hoodie an instant grab. 

The world might reach a different level of modernity but hoodies are never going to run out of fashion, take our words for it. Now that we have given you so many options, make sure to pick yourself one before the winter season arrives. Grab some for your friends to gift them the ideal gift that you’ve been wanting to give for years. 

Happy Shopping. ;)