Tips to Choose Your Comfort-Wear This Winter

Like all things complicated and tedious in life, we know gearing up for the upcoming winter season can be taxing especially when you’ve got no time to waste. Unfortunately, not gearing up for the winter when you reside in the northern hemisphere is not an option either. Which is why, Hooded Art believes in organizing when it comes to your go-to winter comfort-wear.

While you may not have known this; there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to taking your pick out of the countless number of sweatshirts, cardigans, and shawls dangling in your snuggly wardrobe. Following is a listed criterion you should absolutely never dare to defy:

  1. Adaptability: The number one on this list and for good reason, concerning most of us who cannot keep shut during winters even on holidays. Whether it’s going out for shopping, or shoveling the snow off your patio, you need to be layered up to the max against the strongest shock of winds. This is where hoodies come in handy, for the majority who can’t afford big expensive coats and windcheaters. Hooded sweatshirts can adapt to any etiquette standard under any setting and backdrop- whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas eve- you know you can ditch the cardigan for one.
  2. Make or break: It’s important that you have a high quality sweatshirt or cardigan (fleece/cotton), whichever you choose. In our exclusive men’s collection, you shall find double-stitched and multi-layered hoodies with matching drawstrings, that beat the wind and chill with ease, keeping you comforted throughout. A fuzzy, snuggle-fit hooded sweatshirt will radiate comfort heat like a small oven.
  3. Style: Whether it’s winter or summer, fashion never goes of style and why should it- it is after all a basic, performative requirement for all hoodie lovers and takers. Esoteric and Japanese hooded art is one of our most coveted and admired fashion series, wherein you’ll find many eccentric and bold designs.
  4. Body-fit. Do you love your hoodies baggy and hip-hoppy like the rappers of yesteryears? In the late 90s and early 2000s, the fashion industry saw a hike in sales of hoodies, baggy clothes, durags and whatnot. It was partly in response to the mainstream outbreak of certain personalities in hip hop. And since then, the style has been experimented on, maladapted and even almost erased out of significance to now, only been resurrected in recent past. You can wear our hoodies however you like, loose and baggy to body-hugging, fitness. It is just a preference, but a requirement nevertheless.

Having gone through the list, we hope you realize that having such qualities should be tantamount for the type of winter-wear you choose to lounge in this winter holidays. Even if you’re not a big fan of hoodies, you can never deny their utility in today’s fast fashion paced world. It won’t be far from true to conclude that hoodies have taken over the world and staked their claims. It’s only a matter of time you take your picks from truly yours, Hooded Art haven.